National business chamber renamed into national business chamber of Kazakhstan "Atameken"

Date: 14:43, 27-01-2015.

Astana. January 27. KazTAG - The national business chamber of Kazakhstan has added "Atameken" to its name, said Timur Kulibayev, chairman of NBC presidium
"Undoubtedly those huge results on business community consolidation, protection of businessmen's rights that the national chamber demonstrated in 2014,  it is also the result that we base on those achievements, which we had in "Atameken" NEC. Thus we propose to supplement the name of the national chamber- the national business chamber of Kazakhstan Atameken," he said.
The delegates encouraged the proposal.
"Previously I said that "Atameken" was created by the initiative and order of the President, it has become a fundamental for the national business chamber. Late last year we reported to the President about the activity results of the NBC," he added.
Previously the entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan were voluntarily united in the national economic chamber "Atameken".

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