Naval forces of Iran interested in cooperation with Kazakhstan in military technique production

Date: 09:18, 03-03-2015.

Astana. March 3. KazTAG - The naval forces of Iran are interested in cooperation with Kazakhstan in the field of naval technique production, reports the Ministry of Defense.
Iranian delegation headed by Habibolla Sayari, head of strategic naval forces of Iran has arrived to Astana with an official visit. The Iranian delegation met the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan and command of the navy forces of Kazakhstan.
"Kazakhstan and Iran are neighbors in the Caspian Sea. Thus, our cooperation is very important. It is important to provide security in the region and we are interested in cooperation in different spheres of naval affairs. We might exchange and train students, teachers, we are interested in production and repair of military techniques, organization of joint exercises," said the Iranian official.
The visit of Iranian delegation will last until March 6. This time, the representatives of the Iranian defense department will visit Kazakhstan Engineering JSC, read a lecture in the national defense university after the first president of Kazakhstan, visit a military unit 29011 in Aktau, visit the rocket artillery ship and a training center.

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