Nazarbayev about outflow of labor migrants from Kazakhstan: it makes us upset, we'll think about it

Astana. December 29. KazTAG - President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has commented on the situation connected with outflow of labor migrants from Kazakhstan.
"We have always had this problem; there was sharp reduction of migrants last year. We paid attention to this. Foreign universities attract with easier exams, grants, scholarships," he said in the interview to the local mass media sources.
In his words, it is necessary to raise the level of local universities and make enrollment easier.
"People leave  in order to get better education, they create condition for this. I think we will be able to stop these flows, to attract people to come to us to study, to get medical aid. If we improve education and medicine, more people will aspire to live and work here," he said.
He marked growth of population of Kazakhstan.
"Migrants also come from Russia, China, turkey. If we consider the balance: leave and arrival- we have a positive balance. Of course it makes us upset that people leave, we have to think about it," he concluded.

Photo source: picture from an open source