Nazarbayev advised women of Kazakhstan to dream louder

Date: 16:08, 07-03-2019.

Astana. March 7. KazTAG - President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated the women of Kazakhstan on the 8th of March and advised them to dream louder.
"The 8th of March is a wonderful spring holiday (...). This wonderful day brings harmony in our world. They say, if you get a present on this day not which you dreamt about, it means you should dream louder next time. All the achievements of men are not worth a single feeling of a woman," he said at the meeting with the representatives of female's community of Kazakhstan.
"Women spend 120 hours and five days in front of the mirror. Scientists revealed that according to the average statistics, women spend 17 years on diet, eating 2-3 kilos of lipstick in their life," he added.
He said women bring the miracle of new life to the world.
"In average one family raises 3 children in our country, over 400 000 children were born last year. Children have always been riches, pride not only of one family, but a capital of the whole state. We talk about economy. We develop industry, but who will work there?  Who will defend and develop the motherland. From this point of view, it is very important for the state," he said.
In his words, maternity is a life-long duty of a woman.
"The stronger the family is, the stronger is the state. I deeply regret when I see that about 20% of marriages end in divorce in a short period of time. We must try hard to correct it," he concluded.

Photo source: akorda

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