Nazarbayev called on North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons

Date: 09:58, 19-06-2014.

Astana. June 19. KazTAG - Bauyrzhan Mukanov. Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev urged North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons, the agency reports.
"We urge the North Korean partners to consider the experience of Kazakhstan, who voluntarily renounced its nuclear arsenal and closed polygon" - N. Nazarbayev said after talks with President of the Republic of Korea on Thursday.
"We actively support the Eurasian initiative of South Korea. It exactly matches our idea of ​​a Eurasian Union. We support the proposal and the Republic of Korea on the non-nuclear status of North Korea and the issue of unification of the peninsula in a peaceful manner, "- he added.
According to the president of Kazakhstan, nuclear weapons does not add any security to the country, but creates distrust worldwide.
"The corresponding ratio of business and economy does not benefit from this. I hope that in the end, reason will win, and we will support South Korea", - said Nursultan Nazarbayev.
N. Nazarbayev requested Korea to actively participate in the EXPO-2017 and help to create the conditions for new research centers.
"Great Expectations we associate with the planned in September Business Forum "Republic of Kazakhstan - Republic of Korea,"- he continued.
South Korean President Park Keun Hye hoped that the joint statement adopted today, will determine the direction of development of relations between the two countries and will play the role of a guide.
"We welcome the dynamic promotion of a new project to expand production at Tengiz. And for joint exploration in the field on a plot Dyusembaev "- she said.
In addition, the parties agreed to establish a center of Korean culture at Nazarbayev University to train experts in Korean language and Korea Studies in Kazakhstan.

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