Nazarbayev called Ukraine and Russia to conciliate their positions

Date: 10:19, 23-12-2014.

Kiev. December 23. KazTAG - Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called Ukraine and Russia to conciliate the positions for military conflict regulation in south-east of Ukraine.
"As they say in the East, I am a person who is older in age and political experience, and I am addressing to Russia and Ukraine: to think how to find a compromise, to withdraw from these conditions (military conflict in south-east of Ukraine-KazTAG), keeping territorial integrity of Ukraine and conciliating the positions. This situation is nonsense, it's abnormal," said Nazarbayev.
He added there are chances to resolve the situation.
"I know the clear position of Ukraine, I know the clear position of Russia, I know the clear position of Europe. Now I understand everything and I can say- there is a chance to solve the situation. Confrontation, sanctions- is a dead end way. I think it is possible to find the solution, to restore the situation. To restore relations between the states, including with Russia, which is the main trade partner," he said.

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