Nazarbayev forecasts arrival of "Asian century"

Date: 06:34, 04-05-2014.

Astana. May 4. KazTAG - Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev forecasts arrival of "Asian century".

"According to the experts by 2050 more than half of the world trade, investments and GDP will be accumulated in Asia. This tendency will be supported by the urbanization growth, formation of big conglomerations, increase of capacities. The new blossom of the region is based on this scenario, arrival of Asian century," he said.

According to the President now the revival of the Great Silk Way is on the next stage which will signify new era of Asian development.

In his words there are many preconditions for that.

"It is the most dynamically developing region uniting China, India, Japan, Korea and many developing states of Asia. It is the most populated territory in the world forming the base of the biggest consumer demand," he said.

He also indicated construction of the Western Europe-Western China transport corridor.

"The corridor construction is a part of a big project "Kazakhstan- New Silk Way" which is aimed to increase transit transportations at the territory of the state by ten times by 2050. This mega-project stipulates creation of modern transport-logistic system, forming effective channel of cargoes delivery by any types of transport to the destination via the territory of Kazakhstan," he said.

In his words, the new railway 1500 km long running from the border of China to the Caspian Sea through Turkmenistan, Iran, the Persian Gulf, "is really that Silk Way as it used to be".

"The Silk Way revival will boost development of political stability, fostering, peace in all the states located along the route," he concluded.

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