Nazarbayev invites Chinese business to cooperation in Kazakhstan

Date: 08:18, 20-05-2014.

Shanghai. May 20. KazTAG - Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev met representatives of Chinese business in Shanghai.

"You represent a big aviation company and interested in Kazakhstan. I sincerely greet you and would like to say it personally to you. This cooperation (with AVIC company-KazTAG) will become an important investment project for Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani territory is not so big like China, but it is also big. I don’t know the range of your production but passenger and agricultural aviation is what we want to see. You have big experience and we are inviting you. We provide exclusive preferences for such investments. We help in terms of infrastructure, land, relieve business from taxes for the first years," he said during negotiations with Wu Guanchuan, president of AVIC company.

He also met president of board of "Huawei" company.

"I'd like to emphasize big interest of Kazakhstan. I'd like to know how you will work, how to help you," he said.

The representative of the company said they have been the leading company in telecommunications sector since 1997.

"As you know "Huawei" company is highly technological enterprise in telecommunications branch. Our company was founded in 1988, we started our business in a rural area of China. We stepped to the international level in 1997. Today we are working with more than 140 states," said S. Fan, chairfigure of the company.

The company is considering provision of internet and telecommunication services to Kazakhstani consumers.

"Cooperation with Kazakhstanis very significant for the company. We want every citizen of Kazakhstan to have the Internet access. Especially taking in account rapid development of mobile internet today. It opens new opportunities in education branch, telemedicine. It is very important for rural areas," she said.

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