Nazarbayev named himself as romantic and happy politician

Astana. December 29. KazTAG - President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev considers himself as a romantic and happy politician.
"I dreamt about development of a state, well-being of our people, and peacefulness of our people. I can be called as a romantic. The politician who created, offered a program, started performing it, and saw its performance is a happy politician. I can be referred to a politician like this," he said.
He said a person should always have a dream.
"A person lives until he has a dream, when one dream comes true, he must create another one," he said.
In his opinion, people must be occupied for all their lives.
"Even in the time of retirement, one should learn a new foreign language, make brain work, read scientific literature, learn to paint, in fact I do it. I started painting with oil, in order to exhibit pictures 25 paintings are needed, I already have 20," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source