Nazarbayev proposed to create Organization of Security and Development in Asia

Date: 02:10, 21-05-2014.

Shanghai. May 21. KazTAG - Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to create a new Organization on Security and Development in Asia.

"I think this organization is overgrowing itself. We crated a secretariat which works in Almaty. I would like to propose to create a new Organization of Security and Development in Asia (OSDA). If OSCE and OSDA cooperate it will serve to a bigger continent in Eurasia," he said after negotiations with Chinese officials within the frameworks of his state visit.

"The Conference conducted several sessions, one of the main issues is definition of trust index between our states. We want to commence economic integration now, i.e to trade. To establish trade relations with a neighbor, he must feel well and fine. CICMA is playing its role- the fact of leaders meeting of Asian states in this changing world is very important. Many issues are solved via negotiations," he added.

According to the President globalization is growing, integration processes are underway in many regions thus "it is very important to solve security issues”.

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