Nazarbayev proposes domestic businessmen to invest into food products processing

Date: 10:27, 11-04-2014.

Astana. April 11. KazTAG - Kazakhstani businessmen should invest into food products processing, whose import annually makes about $3 bln, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.

"We import food products to $3 bln, of them 520 mln are confectionary products. That's the field of activity! We have food products that we can process and satisfy the domestic market. That is where money should be invested and people must be taught- what milk, meat processing is, fruit, vegetables processing," he said.

"We have analyzed this chain and we must provide stimulus there," said Ablay Myrzakhmetov, chair of the national business chamber.

"We have everything, everything’s available in the raw state, we might make products," Nazarbayev interrupted.

"That is what we are targeted on," said Myrzakhmetov.

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