Nazarbayev rebuked head of Astana Group for insinuating President

Date: 04:58, 04-07-2014.

Astana. July 4. KazTAG - Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev rebuked Nurlan Smagulov, head of Astana Group, for rebuking the President.

"Can't you crate another name?", said Nazarbayev while visiting the construction ground of EXPO-2017.

"The name is Mega Plaza," answered Smagulov.

"Mega is everywhere. It is a unique object," answered the President.

"We have another option- "Nur Plaza". If you allow, in your easy state of mind we want to name it "Nur Plaza," said Smagulov.

"Where did you learn to insinuate this way?", said the President.

"Life has taught me. But it is a good name. There are not many Nurlans," answered Smagulov.

"Let's name it Nurlan Plaza. Well, we'll decide," said Nazarbayev.

Smagulov noted the question was about construction of a two storey trade center 140 000 square meters large with a glass roof.

"Zero cycle will be finished in October," he said.

All the works will be finished by the end of 2016.

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