Nazarbayeva criticizes new primary education standards

Astana. April 8. KazTAG - Dariga Nazarbayeva, Vice Speaker of Majilis, has criticized the new state standard of primary education developed in the Ministry of Education and Science.

"In the highlight of the new standards (of primary education-KazTAG) proposed by the Ministry of Education, this experiment (on introduction of 12 years education-KazTAG) was not needed. The Ministry did not explain why the results of the experiment were not taken into account, what was good and what was bad in it. We see no analysis or any results today. It is pity for the society and people who were involved in this experiment for 11 years. I think this approach is not serious to what people learned these years," she said.

She added primary school pupils have been experiencing too high load.

"Children are overloaded in the schools. The number of subjects is higher than any conceivable and non conceivable international standards. Now you are introducing a new standard increasing educational burden. I don't understand the logics of activity of your department," she said.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science the number of hours for foreign languages should be increased in the primary school, the program will be updated with integrated subjects "language" and “literature" and research works.

The new state educational standard is planned to be introduced in 2015-2016 educational year.