NB head calling Kazakhstani people to use their "stash" for the benefit of economy

Almaty. April 18. KazTAG - Kairat Kelimbetov, chairman of the National Bank, has called Kazakhstani people to use their savings for the benefit of economy.

"I think all the people have some "stash" - some people have big, others have smaller. Today this stash does not work for our economy," he said commenting on the upcoming money legalization in Kazakhstan.

He added it is worth finding out "how fairly people got these or those profits".

"The history of world economy shows that the primary capitals were accumulated with some violations. The idea today: is to set a divisor - to show everything you have until January 1 2017. If this money was not obtained through crimes- drug trafficking or something else, let them work for the economy of Kazakhstan," he said.

"For example, banks will get deposits, they will give credits to small and medium business, small and medium business will create new enterprises employing people," he said.