New law on professional unions contradicts all conventions of international labor organization - authorized union

Date: 08:45, 16-05-2014.

Almaty. May 16. KazTAG - The new law on professional unions contradicts all the conventions of the international labor organization, said representatives of independent professional unions organizations.

"The existing law "On professional unions" dated 1993 is adequate - working under its regulation we win litigations in the courts, rehabilitating illegally dismissed employees and striving for salary. It needed to be updated following the changes in the society. However, the draft law developers (Ministry of Labour and Social Protection-KazTAG) decided to change it completely, in fact, it is almost impossible to bring alternative updates in it, as it may ruin the proposed model of professional unions," said Andrey Bakayev, chief specialist on legal issues of Almaty union of professional unions.

In his words, in order to create a branch republican professional union organization it is necessary to create regional branches in half of the regions of Kazakhstan (in 14 regions and two in Almaty and Astana-KazTAG) and include more than 50% of the branch workers, as there are no, for example, miners in Almaty region, such union creations automatically becomes problematic. It contradicts ratified convention of ILO N86 (On freedom of unions and protection of right to unite into professional unions).

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