New Minister of National Economy asks to report about growth of utilities tariffs personally

Astana. February 26. KazTAG - Ruslan Dalenov, Minister of National Economy, asked to report about growth of utilities tariffs personally.
"Complain about it, I will personally control each case, so that the tariffs to be lowered as it was promised. People must feel the changes," said Dalenov to the journalists.
He showed a list with tariffs calculation to the journalists which was provided to all the inhabitants of Astana.
"Yesterday I took a bill in the mail box. I haven't studied it yet, but I can say that electricity tariff was 15.32 tenge, now it is 13.89 tenge, 1% down. It is in Astana. I have 10%. Heating was 3097 tenge, not it is 2788 tenge- 10% down," he said.
In his words, the Ministry will report similar data in all the regions and cities so that people could check compliance with the declared tariff.
"If something is wrong, please, apply directly to me, I'll control this issue," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source