New wave of detentions started in Almaty, mother of detainee fainted

Almaty. June 10. KazTAG - A new wave of detentions started in Almaty, mother of a detained passer-by fainted.
Law enforcement officers are detaining people in the district of Old Square now, there are ordinary passers-by among those loaded in the buses. The mother of one detained passer-by asked the police why her son was detained explaining that they were simply passing by, then the woman fainted. She has regained consciousness but cannot stand up. Ambulance has not arrived yet.
"You won't be able to imprison everyone," shouted the women to the law enforcement officers trying to help the elderly woman.
For the second day  police cordon is operating at the Old Square - the security forces lined up along the streets of Tole bi, Panfilov and Abylay Khan near the Kazakhstan-British University (KBTU). The park has been cordoned off. A large number of police officers operating at the Almaty Arbat. Police, soldiers SOBR, as well as people in military camouflage are present at the Old Square. Also there is a large number of police buses.
At the time of preparation of this material, the police have detained about 10 people, including one girl.

Photo source: picture from an open source