No questions about role of state language in Kazakhstan - Nazarbayev

Date: 10:15, 18-04-2014.

Astana. April 18. KazTAG - The questions about the role of the state language have been solved in Kazakhstan, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan at the XXI session of assembly of Kazakhstani people.

"The questions concerning the role of the state language have been solved, as well as about the official status of the Russian language. Under equal development of languages of all the ethnos and culture," he said.

He reminded Kazakhstani legislation on languages will mark the 25th anniversary in 2014.

"Knowledge of the state language by all the people will make us more equal in unity strengthening in the future. We are teaching the youth the state language and their mother tongues. Time will come when  we equality will be on a higher level. It won't matter, like in other states which nationality, ethnic origin will be elected in the top echelons of the Government, they will speak all. You know, France which values the French Language a lot, appointed Spanish or Italian (  by blood-KazTAG) to the post of a Prime Minister," he resumed.

He added there have been many examples when not a native inhabitant was a President of a state.

"We know that ethnic Japanese was a President of Latin America, Czech native was a President in Brazil," he said.

In his words the state language has been developing in the country starting from school years simultaneously creating conditions for language development of other ethnos.

"There are many states where people speak and think at least two languages. We are in their list - it is our national riches. We are implementing a triple language program, it is encouraged throughout the world as progressive aspiration of our people," he said.

60 mass media sources are issued in 15 languages in Kazakhstan, there are national theatres making performances in 6 languages.

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