No risk of inflow of foreign labor power in Kazakhstan in connection with EEU creation

Date: 10:09, 09-01-2015.

Astana. January 9. KazTAG - There is no risk of foreign labor power inflow for Kazakhstani labour market, said Sevtlana Zhakupova, deputy minister of health care.
"For some reasons people talk a lot about inflow of non qualified work power although today we say that the quota makes 53000 people for foreign labor power attraction. It was only 29 000 people in 2014 (...) Thus, we believe, or even forecast that the level will be within the limits I have voiced, thus there is no   risk of foreign labor power inflow," she said.
"Talking about the states, which are the  member states which signed this treaty (on EEU-KazTAG) now Kyrgyzstan and Armenia have joined, the biggest inflow is coming from Russia- about 7990 people in 2014 worked in our country. About 560 people worked from Belarus, 260- from Armenia," she resumed.

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