Norwegian crossing Balkhash on skies: I have found a lake on maps in search for inspiration

Date: 15:59, 15-03-2019.

Almaty. March 15. KazTAG - William Byholt, Norwegian traveler, who crossed the Balkhash Lake on skies said he had found the Kazakhstani lake on a map "in search for inspiration".
"It is a very special trip for me, first I started studying I half a year ago, I just looked on the map in search for inspiration and saw Kazakhstan on the map and the Balkhash lake, which is huge, I wanted to research it and I came here to cross the lake," he said at the press-conference.
He said he realized that nobody crossed the lake and there was no information on it.
"Luckily I got acquainted with the Kazakh geographic community, they helped me with the search of the information. It was a very interesting experience, there were no similar days. It is not just a lake. I saw the traces of wolves, I met fishermen. The hardest thing was that I got sick on the way, I had to take antibiotics. The expedition took 23 days. This trip was much harder as I had no information, in other trips I had the information and many people had travelled before," he added.
Byholt has been travelling since 2010 and has attended 79 states. He is interested in poorly explored destinations.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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