Notorious “titushka” for attack on journalists came to protest action in Almaty

Date: 15:37, 04-09-2019.

Almaty. September 4. KazTAG - Scandalously known "titushka" Akzhol Akhmetova, involved in the attack on journalists, came to a protest action in Almaty, said activist Asem Zhapisheva.
“Our famous "nur-titushka" came to the akimat and scolds Radio Azattyk journalist Manas (Kaiyrtayuly - KazTAG). What does it mean? There are no sane people with a sense of shame in the akimat of Almaty, ” Zhapisheva wrote in the social network on Wednesday.
As it was reported, the journalists were attacked in the office of Kazakhstani International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law in Almaty  on July 22. The equipment was taken away from the reporters of KazTAG news agency, and the cameras of the journalists of the Almaty TV channel and Radio Azattyk  were completely broken. Police did not take any measures against the perpetrators.
Later it was revealed that Akzhol Akhmetova  was among the attackers, while prior to this in one of the protest actions she had played the role of assistant to the akim of the Alatau district of Almaty. It also turned out that Zhetkenshek Zhumakanov, husband of Akhmetova, is an inspector of the religious affairs department of the Almaty region.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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