NSC officers attended police following attack on journalists in Almaty

Date: 09:20, 24-07-2019.

Almaty. July 24. KazTAG - The representatives of the National Security Committee visited police following attack on journalists in Almaty.
"We visited the police department of the Auezov district. Officer on duty told us that lawyers of several journalists came, but he did not say which mass media they work for. We remember the family names of the lawyers  Utesheva and Yensepova. The women "who suffered" (attackers-KazTAG) weren't there, but there were the NSC representatives, all of them came at the same moment. They were invited to come," he said.
As it was reported, a day before the police promised to conduct a face-to-face confrontation, however KazTAG journalists were not invited to the meeting. It is also unclear, why together with the lawyers of journalists of other mass media the police did not invite KazTAG representatives.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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