Number of air crash casualties increased to 31 in Taipei

Date: 10:44, 05-02-2015.

Almaty. February 5. KazTAG- The number of air crash casualties in Taipei has increased to 31 people, reports the TASS news agency.
"According to the latest official data, the number of air crash casualties has reached 31 people. 15 people were injured and 12 people are missing. Last night the fuselage was lifted by a crane from the river, including the nose. Rescuers found the bodies of two pilots and a mechanic inside," the message reports.
According to Macao civil aviation department, the engine of the plane was replaced last year. The crew of the new aircraft which was on the way to Taiwan requested technical landing in Macao airport in April last year where one of the prop engines was replaced.
The plane was in use for less than a year. The last technical check was made on January 26.
The aviation authorities of Taiwan ordered to terminate flights of this type of aircrafts made by France and Italy to inspect the condition of engines. France plans to send a group of specialists to investigate the air crash.
According to air controllers the crew reported alert signal a minute after takeoff. There were 58 people aboard, including 5 crew members and 53 passengers, 31 of the passengers were tourists from continental China.

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