Number of international and internal flights will grow up by 1.5 times by 2017 - Ministry of Investments and Development

Date: 13:49, 24-10-2014.

Astana. October 24. KazTAG - The number of international and internal air flights will increase by 1.5 times by 2017, reports the Ministry on Investments and Development.
"It is planned to lift the restrictions for Kazakhstani air companies in the EU in 2015; the reconstruction of all the runways must be finished until 2018; the number of internal flights will be increased by 50% until 2017, international - by 1.5 times," reads the message.
According to Aset Isekeshev, Minister on Investments and Development, the priority of state policy in the field of civil aviation is flights security, availability of air services for population and development of transit potentials.
Isekeshev also noted the Government pays big attention to the flights security.
"The society has right to claim adequate working results from civil aviation. Thus, we must be targeted on increase of flights security and take maximum efforts for this," he said.
Recertification of all the air companies was conducted last year.
"By the results of the work flights restriction to Europe were lifted for Air Astana company. This summer Kazakhstan eliminated 1 of 2 existing remarks  of ICAO audit connected with the process of aircrafts certification. Other remarks will be eliminated next year concerning air companies certification," he said.

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