Number of traffic accidents decreasing, while number of fatal cases still high - expert

Date: 11:49, 30-04-2019.

Almaty. April 30. KazTAG - The number of road accidents in Kazakhstan has been decreasing, but still the number of fatal cases is quite high, said Kamila Kovyazina,  expert from the Institute of World Economy and Politics (IWEP) under the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan.
“Despite the fact that after 2013 there has been reduction of accidents in Kazakhstan, the number of fatal cases is still quite high. In 2018, the number of people killed in road accidents was more than 2 thousand (in 2017, about 2 thousand people died, while the death rate on the roads is about 11.5 cases per 100 thousand people - KazTAG). According to official statistics, the death rate due to traffic accidents is in the 4th place, and among men - the 2nd, ” said Kovyazina commenting on the message that nine injured in the fatal accident remain in hospitals Zhambyl region.
Among the main causes of the accidents she indicated low driving culture, which includes traffic offenses, drunk driving and poor roods quality.
“State authorities are trying to correct the situation by instilling respect for traffic rules from childhood, meetings with schoolchildren and kindergarteners, various competitions, and public associations are actively involved in this work. In my opinion, it is effective. Drunk driving is now recorded much less frequently than 20 years ago, " she said.
According to the speaker, the majority of Kazakhstani people  now wear seat belts, especially if they are sitting in the driver’s or front passenger seat.
“Now people buy and install car seats in the car for children safety. In the capital (Nur-Sultan - KazTAG), the introduction of the Sergek system has become a significant deterrent. At the same time, despite the measures taken to increase the awareness of drivers, traffic violations by motorists continue to be the most frequent cause of accidents. Most often, this is breaking the speed limit, the distance between cars, and hitting pedestrians at pedestrian crossings," she said.
However, the expert noted, it is more difficult to solve the problem of poor road quality.
“Most of the roads in Kazakhstan are regional roads, and they are under the jurisdiction of local government agencies. Most regions have a limited budget, while the local road system includes not only roads, but also access roads to villages, roads inside villages," she said.
A separate question, the speaker noted, how the quality motorways is assessed.
Among the statistical data there is a" proportion of roads that are in satisfactory condition. " However, there is no information about the quality standards of the roads, as well as a clear methodology and tools for assessing the compliance of roads with these standards," she said.

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