Nuraly Saduakasov new akim of Kostanai oblast

Date: 20:40, 20-01-2012.


Kostanai. January 20. KazTAG - Nuraly Saduakas has been appointed as an akim of Kostanai oblast.

The N. Saduakasov’s candidature Aslan Musin, head of Presidential Administration has presented at the meeting of the oblast administration.

Previously N. Saduakasov worked as a deputy akim of the Kostanai oblast and he was responsible for agriculture issues.

It is expected that the current akim of the Kostanay oblast, Sergey Kulagin will be appointed as a deputy in Senate.

47-year-old N. Saduakasov previously worked as an akim Auliekolskiy region of Kostanai oblast, he also worked as an akim of Kostonay region of Kostanai oblast, from 2004 to 2006 – he was an akim of Kostanay city, beginning from 2006 he served as deputy akim of Kostanai oblast.

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