Observer from Germany: Kazakhstan needs to learn how to regulate protests peacefully

Almaty. June 10. KazTAG -Kazakhstan needs to learn how to regulate protest actions peacefully , said former Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Wolf-Ruthart Karl Friedrich Born.
“In Germany, the statements“ for ”or“ against ”occur almost daily, it is a normal thing. In the years of  60s of the last century, the police acted strictly against demonstrators, now they are trained  how to work within the framework of the Constitution and observance of democratic rights and freedoms. The police are warned and determines which squares, streets, squares need to be blocked so that there is no further flow of people. Kazakhstan during the transition period needs to learn how to regulate these processes peacefully, ” Born said at a briefing on Monday, commenting on the detentions of protesters in Almaty on the day of presidential election.
Speaking about the election process, he said that everything complied with generally accepted standards and norms.
“Kazakhstan is an OSCE member, a large number of representatives of this organization were invited to Kazakhstan as independent observers, they carried out monitoring of the campaigns and the elections, that is, they had more opportunities than we did. I have no doubt that the OSCE representatives will draw up a comprehensive report reflecting all the recorded violations. We visited several polling stations in Almaty yesterday and didn’t notice any violations," he added.
At the same time, he marked one fact which became for him a “political surprise”.
“We watched the counting of votes at the polling station in KazNU. And there 75.2% voted for Amirzhan Kosanov, 20.7% - for Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. It was a political surprise for us: the majority of voters were students, and they have their own opinion," he said.
The observers from Germany noted low postage of  candidates  programs on the streets of Almaty and a low level of electoral literacy of the population.

Photo source: picture from an open source