Oksana Ten outraged about her position as witness in case of two policemen

Almaty. January 16. KazTAG - Oksana Ten, mother of well-known Kazakhstani skater Denis Ten, is outraged about her position as a witness in the case in respect of two policemen who were on the scene of the crime.
"A criminal case was opened in respect of Nurpeisov and Musayev (inspectors on minors affairs-KazTAG) by my application, for unclear reasons, this case was sent to anti-corruption service where I am positioned as a witness, but not as a victim, this way I have no chance to submit my demands," she said in the court's room.
She marked the policemen keep on working in the law enforcement bodies.
"The case has been suspended for unclear reasons. The policemen keep on working, they have not been suspended from duty, although a criminal case was opened against them," said the mother of deceased skater.
She claimed to return the case to the bodies where she can be positioned as a victim.

Photo source: picture from an open source