Olymp failed to appeal arrest of its accounts in Almaty court

Date: 10:50, 10-12-2019.

Almaty. December 10. KazTAG - Bookmaker company Olymp has failed to appeal the arrest of its accounts in the Almaty court, said Alimzhan Oralbay, lawyer.
"As a representative of Olymp company I appealed the arrest (issued by the specialized interdistrict court of Almaty-KazAG) of the accounts of the company. But the ruling of the city court remained in force and cannot be appealed," he said.
According to the lawyer, "the arrest was illegal as in compliance with the Criminal-Procedural Code, an account cannot be arrested, while arrest can be imposed only on certain property".
"The question is that the company has to pay the taxes, but it cannot do it. The investigation is intentionally blocking the activity of the company and does not give any chance to pay the taxes. The main thing is that the investigation did not say whether the money on the accounts was obtained in a criminal way or used in criminal aims. They did not say if the company was involved in any illegal gambling activity," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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