One detainee on Nemtsov case confessed committing murder due to religious motives

Date: 10:44, 10-03-2015.

Almaty. March 10. KazTAG - One of five detainees accused of being involved in the murder of Boris Nemtsov - Zaur Dadayev- has confessed he committed the crime due to religious motives, report the Russian mass media sources.
According to the RBK, Z. Dadayev declared that in January 2015 he knew how Nemtsov "repeatedly made negative statements in the address of the Muslims living in Russia", after that he decided to kill the politician.
"Factually, Dadayev confessed committing this crime," report the media sources.
On March 8 the Besman court of Moscow ordered to arrest all the five detainees on the case. Z. Dadayev and Anzor Gubashev have been arrested until April 28 (completion of investigation term). Tamerlan Eskerkhanov, Khamzat Bakahyev and Shagit Gubashev, who are under the status of suspects, have been arrested until May 7-8.
It was declared at the hearing that the guilt of Z. Dadayev has been confirmed by confessionary statements, brothers Gubashev, Kh. Bakhayev and T. Eskerkhanov deny their guilt. Another suspect Beslan Shavanov blasted himself in Groziy in the time of detention.

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