Only 25% of labor migrants work officially in Astana

Date: 11:12, 25-02-2015.

Astana. February 25. KazTAG - Only 25% of labor migrants work officially in Astana, reports the akimat of Astana.
A session chaired by Adilbek Dzhaksybekov, akim of the city, was held in Astana considering the measures against shade industry in the economy branches, provision of transparency in the state purchases, registration and monitoring of labour migrants, and the plans for increase of state revenues and combating shade economy in 2015-2016.
"The fact that only 25% of people are officially registered shows high share of shade working power. Due to this, the akim ordered to adjust and coordinate the work of corresponding bodies in terms of registration and monitoring," reads the message.
The akim also emphasized the necessity to increase the receipts in the city budget.
"By my order the department of state revenues has developed a plan of arrangements which is supposed to increase budget receipts, it has been coordinated with all the authorized bodies. I also ordered to develop a plan of measures for combating shade economy of the city in 2015. From another hand entrepreneurs must realize their responsibility before the state and people," he said.

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