Only a few phthisiologists can distinguish SARS from flu and flu from coronavirus - Bekshin

Date: 16:34, 10-08-2020.

Almaty. August 10. KazTAG -  Only a few phthisiologists can distinguish ARVI from flu, and flu from coronavirus, said Zhandarbek Bekshin,  chief sanitary doctor of Almaty.
“SARS and influenza season is coming.  They are in the group of acute respiratory viral infections. We have flu-like diseases and the symptoms of coronavirus infection are in many ways similar to flu, in fact, it is very difficult to distinguish. I know that there are phthisiologists who can distinguish the flu from ARVI.  But there are very few such doctors who can determine it during examination," he said.
He pointed out that few patients will be able to recover if they get sick first with the flu, and then with the coronavirus.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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