OPEC does not exclude increase of oil price to $70-80 by late 2015

Date: 09:05, 24-12-2014.

Almaty. December 24. KazTAG - OPEC does not exclude that oil price will turn back to $70-80 per barrel by late 2015, reports RBK with a reference to Reuters.
"In general there is opinion that prices will not decline, within several months the price may reach $60  or a little below, then they will get back to the stable level which makes $80/barrel, but probably, it will happen after 8 months since the beginning of the year," said a source to Reuters representing   one oil extracting state of the Persian Gulf.
"We will have to wait and look. We don't expect $100 next year, just in case there is no sudden deliveries failure. But $70-80 average oil price next year- yes," said another source representing Persian Gulf states in OPEC.
According to the sources the prices are expected to stabilize by late 2015 without production reduction.  

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