Over 200 children became victims of pedophiles in Kazakhstan in three months 2019

Almaty. May 6. KazTAG - Over 200 children have become victims of pedophiles within three months 2019 in Kazakhstan, said Dina Tansari (Smailova) leader of the movement  #НеМолчиKZ.
"This year the level of sexual abuse of children has increased! Over two children are abused a day in Kazakhstan. Within three months 2019 207 children have become the victims of sexual violence in Kazakhstan," she wrote in her page in social networks referring to the data of the committee on legal statistics.
She said 49 children were raped within three months 2019, the number increased by 63.3% year on year.
"Within three months 42 children were raped (Article 120 of the Criminal Code), the number increased by 110%. Within three months 116 children faced indecent assault (article 122), 20.18% growth year on year," she added.

Photo source: picture from an open source