Over 400 police officers alerted due to mudslides threat in Almaty

Date: 13:58, 14-08-2019.

Almaty. August 14. KazTAG - Over 400 police officers have been alerted in connection with the threat of mudslides in Almaty, reports the press service of the city police department.
“Over 400 police officers have been alerted in connection with the threat of mudslides,” reads the statement.
According to  deputy head of the Almaty police department, Izbasar Bekturov, the personnel of the police departments of four districts of Almaty were alerted early in the morning.
“In particular it concerned  the Nauryzbay, Alatau, Auezov and Bostandyk districts. The priority tasks of police officers are to ensure people's safety, to cordon off, to evacuate vehicles and people to safe distance and to warn the public," he said.
He added that the forces of the National Guard were alerted to assist in the elimination of possible consequences.
In turn, the emergency department of Almaty was informed about the situation on the Kargaly river as of 11.50.
“The Kargaly river flows through the territory of the Nauryzbay, Auezov and Alatau districts. Special equipment is working in the areas to increase the capacity of the river bed. According to  Kazselezashchita, now the water has wedged out of the lake, and there is no surface runoff in the evacuation channel. Water flow at the Kargaly dike makes  3.33 cubic meters per second, turbidity of water makes 4 points. There have been no cases of flooding of private residential buildings and courtyards located along the river bed in the city, " said the message.

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