"Owner" of the USDP party is Bergey Ryskaliyev - Bapi

Almaty. October 8. KazTAG -  The “owner” of the United Social Democratic Party (USDP) Akikat is Bergey Ryskaliyev, ex-akim of the Atyrau region , said Yermurat Bapi, political and public figure .
“I will say who is the boss of the party - it is Bergey Ryskaliev. When I was elected a chairman of the party on April 26 this year, I told Akezhan Kazhegeldin nott to work with Bergey Ryskaliyev, because he is a toxic person. If financing by Ryskaliyev was revealed, it would be the same as with Ablyazov’s party (residing in France, leader of Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan -KazTAG) and the party would be closed if they could find the reason. I wanted to work openly, and Bergey Ryskaliev wanted to own the party, ” Bapi said at a press conference on Tuesday.
At the same time, he noted that, in his opinion, Ryskaliyev was behind the unexpected change of the chairman of the party.
"Why the organizers of this coup took such a gangster step, because these conspirators were constantly in touch with the owner, and told him that  Yermurat Bapi   was bringing "strange people " to the party," he said.
In addition, he added that at the time of his election as the party's chairman, it had huge debts.
“It is not a secret that I gave this receipt, which can be found on the Internet, because I received the party with debts. The party had debts to its members, the salaries of these conspirators. I was confronted with a fact. Before I agreed to chair the party, I did not know that the party had debts. The debt was about $200 thousand. I promised to cover this debt. It was a duty (ex-chairman - KazTAG) Zharmakhan Tuyakbay to the party. This debt was formed when the party borrowed money from Ulan Khandullayev. We paid off $ 100 thousand within 20 days, and the second part was not repaid before the congress, and all the fuss arose because of this debt," he added.
However, he denied the information about possible sale of the party.
“They accuse me that I received $ 200 thousand, I was going to sell the party - this is nonsense, because in the conditions of Kazakhstan, when there are difficulties in registering a party, its value is different. It will cost millions," he added.
According to a political and public figure, he intended to sit down at the negotiating table with the "conspirators" in order to save the party for the benefit of civil society.

Photo source: picture from an open source