Owners of big objects of state property put up for tender were known half a year ago - source

Date: 05:35, 03-06-2014.

Astana. June 3. KazTAG - The owners of big objects of the state property which were put up for tender in Kazakhstan had been known half a year ago, said a source in Astana familiar with the situation around the privatized objects of state property.

"After this information was published I got interested in two, three objects and discovered that the names of future owners are already known," said the source working in the field of development.

"For example 18 storey hotel of KazMunayGas- "Duman" is on the privatization list in Astana. I was told the name of its owner and the sum he will pay for it. It is not a secret for anyone who is on point- about 30 million dollars; the owner is a businessman who has recently gained a strong administrative resource. Or for example, a big object in Almaty - "Kazakhfilm" studio, they want to sell it for 60 million. I also know the name of the owner," he said.

"Actually I don’t mind the tenders, I know simple people don't have such money, but there should be open tenders in a live broadcast, in the future it won't give rise to anyone to talk about one more "grab-it-isation" while the Government has a chance to earn more," he said.

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