Parents of deceased girl in Shymkent do not trust police version

Date: 09:36, 23-07-2019.

Almaty. July 23. KazTAG - The parents of the deceased girl in Shymkent do not trust the version of police, reports
"The girl was raped, the police did not arrive. Our district police officers are never on the site. There was a similar situation last year. I will raise both of these facts, our police do not work. They come, close the case and leave," said Klara Umerbayeva, mother of the deceased girl.
The parents are going to write an application to the higher authorities for careful investigation of the case.
The deceased girl Kausar, aged 3, was the fourth child in the family and the only girl.
Aizharkyn Aitbayeva, sister-in law, said how the body was found.
"I heard a child screaming and I immediately ran there. Policemen were running after me. When I approached the garages they did not let me come closer. But I ran there anyway. When I looked inside the building I saw the body of the child," she said.
She said she saw truncated body of the child  lying among empty bottles and junk.
The parents believe the child was raped and killed.
“The girl’s head was laying where the stone was, and her arms and hands were spread on the sides. The dress on her was raised to the chest, there was no underwear and there were numerous bruises and blood on the body, ” said Aytbayeva.
However, the police department said the fact of rape has not been confirmed.
"According to preliminary conclusion of the expertise, the girl died because of "mechanical asphyxia with vomit", which could occur as a result of a fall, as there are signs of concussion. At the same time, no examination of the girl’s body revealed signs of violence, ” said Asel Sadenova, official representative of the police department of Shymkent.

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