Parliament ratified amendments to Montreal protocol on destructive ozone substances

Date: 06:21, 10-04-2014.

Astana. April 10. KazTAG - The Parliament has approved the draft law "On amendments ratification to Montreal protocol on the substances destructing the ozone layer adopted in Beijing on December 3 1999".

The document has been adopted and sent to the President for signing.

"The Beijin gamendment has been ratified by more than 194 states. Only Kazakhstan, Libya and Mauritania didn't ratify it. Out of the CU states only Kazakhstan is not a party of the amendment, which obliges Russia and Belarus to introduce restriction on trade with ozone destructive substances," said Nurlan Kapparov, Minister of Environment and Water Resources.

According to the conclusion of the committee on agrarian issues of the Parliament, the amendment will let small and medium business reduce financial loss on restriction introduction on consumption of ozone destructive substances.

"It will minimize risks of "gray" schemes and smuggling, harmonize the national legislation in the CU, Eurasian Economic Commission and promote the concept performance on Kazakhstan transfer to the "green" economy including attraction of new technologies," reads the message.

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