Part of state support funds must be directed on credits refinancing - banker

Date: 03:37, 09-04-2014.

Almaty. April 9. KazTAG - Part of the funds out of 1 trln state support planned to be allocated for the economy development in Kazakhstan in 2014-2015 must go to credits refinancing, said Nina Zhusupova, chair of Kazkommertsbank.

"Taking in account the devaluation, we believe that this trillion is quite long and inexpensive money. We thought to give not only the new credits, finance new projects, but also to solve the problems of old clients, who do not take part in any programs. We would like to direct some part of this money on credits refinancing," she said.

"What is the credits refinancing? Factually- it is change, so to say, of expensive and short sources plus, probably, currency sources, into longer and cheaper. We will raise this question in the Government," she said.

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