Patient taken out of hospital and left in street in Uralsk

Almaty. October 14. KazTAG - Hospital guards have taken a patient out of hospital and left him in the street, reports Uralskaya Nedelya.
"Hospital guards have taken the patient on a stretcher the hospital and left outside in light clothes in Uralsk. Arman Doszhanov, aged 53, wasn't drunk, he just looked unkempt," said the message.
After the passers-by started filming the case on the video, they took the man back in hospital.
"The man was wearing a T-shirt and light trousers. He was taken by bodyguards towards the clothes which were lying on the ground. This moment I realized they were going to put him on the ground and leave there. I took my mobile phone and started arguing with the guards," said a witness.
The portal reports the patient is in the traumatic unit, he can hardly speak and has a head trauma. Presumably, the man is homeless and was beaten by somebody.
"The case is being investigated, the strictest measures will be taken in respect of those people who ordered to take him outside," said Nurdanat Berkingali, head of health care department of the West Kazakhstan region.

Photo source: picture from an open source