People in rural areas need support - Nazarbayev

Astana. March 7. KazTAG - People should stay and work in rural areas instead of going to the cities, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan
"There is a project  - "Auyl - el-besigi" (village is a cradle of the state) in order to support people in the villages instead of going to the cities, where they have no housing, no work," said N. Nazarbayev at the meeting with women on Thursday.
He believes "different things" happen with people coming to the cities.
"They rent summer houses, naturally, they fire furnaces, how is it possible to fire furnaces in holed summer houses?" he said.
“As I said the Government will spend about two trillion tenge on these aims - it is a huge sum, I believe in this turbulent world none of the states makes such presents for their poor people or families with many children," he said.
He reminded it was announced about "activation of new scaled social measures" at the Nur Otan session.
"They are targeted on enhancement of social support for families with many children and low revenues. We will increase social payments, welfares, salaries for low paid employees, build housing," he reminded.

Photo source: picture from an open source