People living with HIV tend to trust more to doctors than to relatives - experts

Date: 10:15, 19-05-2014.

Almaty. May 19. KazTAG - People living with HIV sometimes trust to doctors more than to their relatives, said Oksana Ibragimova, representative of group "Kazakhstan networks of HIV positive women".

"Relatives, friends and mates cannot always understand an individual who suffers HIV. Most often they estrange. For these reason doctors often become closer to such people than their relatives. They can trust them to a hundred percent," she said at the forum dedicated to the World Memory Day of people died of AIDS.

She said there is discrimination in respect of people living with HIV in Kazakhstani society.

"I cannot say in percents. But I know that infected people try to hide it. Arrangements for combating and prophylactics of AIDS are held regularly, at each of them we call people to have tolerant approach to HIV positives. We always remind that it may concern anyone," she said.

The World Day of Memory of people died of AIDS is marked on the 3rd Sunday of May. 3800 HIV positive people are registered in Almay. 1000 people have died. The majority of HIV positives are young people aged below 30.

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