Peoples of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus pained EEU creation but it does not guarantee ideal life- Nazarbayev

Date: 04:44, 30-05-2014.

Astana. May 30. KazTAG - The peoples of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus have pained creation of the Eurasian Economic Union, but integration does not guarantee ideal life, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.

"New economic reality of the XXI century has been born. It has been created with big labor. Frankly speaking we pained creation of the Eurasian Economic Union. Uneasy stage of development is ahead in the conditions of global instability. We pained its creation, now we must prove to ourselves and the world the necessity, vitality of integration - it is our big task," he said.

"Integration itself does not guarantee ideal life. Each of the states will have to work. There will be new challenges, new tasks, economies recessions. Probably mutual trade won’t develop in such rates, it's natural. We have chosen a lift which we didn't use before," he said.

In his opinion possible challenges on the way of integration mustn't cause any other reactions but to "move ahead".

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