Peter Poroshenko taking lead at Presidential election in Ukraine

Date: 02:56, 26-05-2014.

Almaty. May 26. KazTAG - Peter Poroshenko taking lead at the Presidential elections in Ukraine, reports the Ukrainian Pravda.

"According to the national exit poll, Poroshenko received 55.7% of votes. Yuliya Timoshenko is the second with 12.8% of votes," reads the message.

Oleg Lyashko is on the third place with 8.1% of votes, Anatoliy Gritsenko- 6.3%, Sergey Tigipko- 4.8%, Michail Dobkin- 2.1%.

Meanwhile, leader of Udar party Vitaliy Klichko won the mayor election in Kiev receiving 57.4% of votes. He declared he planned to establish a contact with administrations of all the world capitals including Moscow.



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