Photo of "dead after disinfection" pigeons spread on Internet

Date: 13:41, 26-03-2020.

Almaty. March 26. KazTAG - The photo of "dead after disinfection" pigeons have been circulating on the Internet.
Anti-coronavirus measures have been enhanced in the city. All the staircases, children playgrounds, yard territories and other public places are being disinfected throughout the state. People are called to stay indoors in the time of treatment.
The inhabitants of Almaty started spreading photos of pigeons "which died after disinfection". According to the authors, the pictures were taken in the Panfilov-heroes park.
Meanwhile, the center of veterinary medicine in Almaty reported about poisoning of dogs.
"Streets are being disinfected. In order to prevent poisoning, wash the paws of your pets after walks! Wear a muzzle and a leash so that animals did not lick the disinfection substances," reads the statement.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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