Pits on roads caused by diesel fuel dripping from cars- expert

Almaty. April 16. KazTAG - The pits on roads are caused by the diesel fuel dripping from the cars and damaging asphalt, said Roman Kadakov, representative of Zhol Ltd.
"Cars stop, diesel fuel drips, it damages bitumen and results in pits," he said answering the question about roads repair at the presentation of the press-office.
Alexey Zharikov, representative of Rosu Ltd, added that such problems do not arise in western states " as their bitumen has different quality".
The opinions differed answering the question of responsibility caused to cars by the road pits.
According to Timur Musayev, representative of Esik Zholdary LLP, the contractor  repairing the road on which the pit was formed will carry responsibility, but the head of the external press office said that the court will determine the culprit.
They reminded quality of road repairs is controlled by organizations that have won a tender for technical supervision.

Photo source: picture from an open source