Police calls people recorded on video at protest action in Almaty "for talks"

Almaty. May 3. KazTAG - Police have been calling people recorded on video at the protest actions in Almaty "for talks".
"The last thing I was said by police: " We will call you again for talks in the nearest  couple of days". I have just written a letter of explanation. I wrote that I was present at the meeting, but I was not chanting any slogans, I was not communicating with anyone, I was just making a video,'" said Nysapkul Yerkinova who was called to the police department of Medeu district on Friday.
The woman said she asked the police why she was invited to the department.
"They told me: "You were in the center and you were on the video, for this reason we have called you". I wrote a letter of explanation, they said I would not go on trial, but they can invite me for talks in a couple of days in case of necessity," she added.
She said there were several other people invited "for talks" in police.
"They were calling people. There were other three people besides me. I was told they had been taking part in the protest action. A policeman told me that these people were at the action. He said other people will also be taken to police," she added.

Photo source: picture from an open source