Police investigating traffic accident in Almaty

Date: 14:59, 26-08-2019.

Almaty. August 26. KazTAG - Police qualified the case when a group of people was intentionally bumped by cars in Almaty as hooliganism and a traffic accident.
"The fact has been registered in a register of pre-trial investigations under three articles of Kazakhstan - article 293 (hooliganism), part 2 article 345 (violation of traffic rules or exploitation of vehicles) and article 347 (leaving the place of traffic accident)," said Saltanat Azirbek, official representative of police department.
She said the case is being investigated by police department of Bostandyk district.
"The incident occurred on August 26 at about 5.00 in Gagarin street, Bostandyk district of Almaty. Before the incident, there was a conflict between two companies who had been spending time in the entertainment place located in the neighbourhood. As a result, one conflicting side attacked their opponents by car and escaped from the scene. They have been identified and wanted by police," said the representative of the police department.
Three people have suffered in the incident.
"They were taken to hospital with traumas of legs, hands, concussion," she added.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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