Police of Almaty promised to organize face-to-face confrontations on the case of attack on journalists

Almaty. July 23. KazTAG - The police of Almaty promised to hold face-to-face confrontations on the case of attack on the journalists on Tuesday.
"We have filed the applications, but investigation has not started yet, as the head has not signed the documents. There will be a face-to-face confrontation tomorrow where the affected journalists will be invited," said a policeman to KazTAG reporter at the registration desk on Monday.
He said the investigation will start on Tuesday as soon as the documents are signed.
Police did not say if the detained woman caught on camera has been identified and detained.
As it was reported, the journalists were attacked on the press-conference about persecution of mothers in the international bureau for human rights and the rule of law in Almaty. The attackers grabbed the equipment of KazTAG reporter, broke cams of the journalists of Almaty TV channel and Radio Azattyq. Police were called but they did not take any measures against the attackers.
The mass media workers had arrived to the conference entitled "Government fighting with mothers and children".

Photo source: picture from an open source